• Trial Bridal Makeup

    This session will be spent on getting to know you so Blush Me can help you portray the right image. Your appearance is often a direct reflection of your characteristics. Understanding your personality and your ideas will make it easier for Blush Me to provide you with the impression you want to capture for years to come.

  • Bridal Makeup

    This entails a thorough makeup session that will enhance your best features and highlight your personality. Blush Me understands how important your wedding day is to you. That is why you will receive our full attention and precision makeup methods. Let Blush Me worry about the fine details.

  • Prom and Other Special Events

    All special occasions deserve special treatment. Blush Me can eliminate the worry of choosing the right colors and applying them. Whether you want to blend with the rest of your group or whether you want to stand out in the crowd, Blush Me will help you create your ideal image.

  • Bridal Party

    With quick and professional application techniques, Blush Me can eliminate time-consuming makeup sessions. Whether you prefer a traditional theme or an eccentric style, Blush Me can tailor your party so everyone matches exquisitely.

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